Career Profile

Since 2013, I’ve specialized in Android development and later expanded my expertise to include Flutter, fueling my passion for crafting high-quality mobile applications.

As a problem-solver with intrinsic motivation and a team-oriented mindset, I’m always expanding my knowledge base to meet and exceed technical challenges. Sharing this newfound knowledge to uplift my colleagues and contribute to a learning culture is a rewarding aspect of my professional journey.


World Traveler

june 2022 - june 2023

Undertook a year-long, global expedition visiting 17 countries, cultivating adaptability, cultural sensitivity and resourcefulness while fulfilling a personal aspiration. This enriching experience fostered a broader perspective, further enhancing my problem-solving and interpersonal skills, valuable assets in any professional setting.

Senior Android Developer

oct. 2018 - may 2022
Zenly, Paris

Worked as a Senior Android Developer at Zenly for three years, where my contributions included leading one major app rewrite and developing an in-house A/B testing technology. I was responsible for implementing numerous performance-centric features, drawing on advanced Android knowledge. I hold a particular interest and involvement in enhancing user experience, aiming to create intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that facilitate optimal interactions.

Lead Developer

oct. 2015 - oct. 2018
Deezer, Paris

Led the Android team at Deezer within the Open Platform division, focusing on extending Deezer’s ecosystem through strategic partnerships. Ensured high-quality, scalable codebase, streamlined production processes and crafted solutions to complex problems to deliver optimal partner outcomes.

Android / Java Software Craftsman

dec. 2011 - oct. 2015
Xebia, Paris

Worked as a Java/Android Developer at Xebia, actively participating in conferences centered around mobile application quality and testing. I successfully led three key Android projects, including notable ventures into PMU horse racing and sports betting applications.

Java/Flex Developer

sep. 2009 - dec. 2011
Steria, Paris


Factify Facts - A cross-platform Flutter application providing engaging and educational content, available on both iOS and Android platforms.
Alchemy Sdk Kotlin - An all-inclusive Kotlin Multiplatform SDK designed for seamless interaction with the Alchemy API.
Flutter Playground - A comprehensive application used as a practical reference in the production of insightful Flutter-based articles.
Conference Companion - A supplementary Android application dedicated to enhancing the Devoxx conference experience, actively developed up until 2015.


  • 7om Tech Blog
  • Thomas G.
    A focused weekly blog, offering deep-dive articles and insights on Flutter/Android development
  • Firebase : Realtime Apps
  • My conference talk on ‘Firebase: Realtime Apps’ at Devoxx 2015 was featured in an article, outlining the power and utility of Firebase in developing real-time applications.
  • From smartphone to tablet apps on iOS and Android
  • Simone C., Thomas G.
    A comprehensive guide on transitioning from mobile to tablet application development, highlighting best practices and design considerations.

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    Kotlin Multi Platform